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How to Choose the Right Hair Transplant Physician

Are you experiencing hair loss in certain areas of your scalp? Then, perhaps a hair transplant is the right procedure for you! Rather than wearing a wig that has the risk of falling off (oh my… that would be embarrassing) hair transplant is made from real hair, it is permanent, and it cost cheaper than an average wig! Hair growth institutes like hair transplant Melbourne cost so reasonably that you would not think twice about getting one! Isn’t hair transplant splendid?

A hair transplant is a procedure where you will be put under local anesthesia by a hair transplant doctor or surgeon that transplant healthy-strong-real hairs to the balding areas of your scalp. Since the hair is real, they retain their resilience, and they can grow just like your very own natural hair.

Hair Transplant Procedure

Even though most surgeries are a success, some baldness patterns may still be visible, and it usually depends on your genetics. But there are some cases where a patient receives a poorly performed transplant. That is precisely why we are writing this article! Check out these tips on choosing the right hair transplant specialist!

  • Hygiene

Always make sure that the hair growth clinic you go to has applied and complied with all of the standard hygiene procedures for a health institution. Since hair transplant will be done through a surgical procedure, we strongly suggest that you vet the premises and all the equipment within for maximum hygiene. Knowing that the products and equipment being used on you is hygienic can make you feel reassured no?

  • Experience

Ask for their portfolio to learn more about their experience and capabilities. By reviewing their past works and proven results, this way, you would be able to determine yourself if they are the right fit for your needs. Check not only on the finished look but the post-surgery look and examine if they are durable and prospective.

  • Price

A low price is always good news, but be wary if the price is way below the standard market price as it could bring a sense of fear and doubt to the table. Do seek reassurance by being inquisitive, ask them how they could maintain quality by giving such cheap prices to clients, and so on. You can never be too careful, especially if it’s regarding something that you and other people will see every day. (your hair)

  • The Doctor

Hair Doctor

Yes, the doctors themselves make a whole lot of differences. A good doctor and a bad doctor are like night and day. Choose the hair physician that is well-qualified with years of experience in their arsenal and ensure that they are committed to transforming your insecurity into a flaunt-worthy image.

Low-price is always a good thing, but that does not mean it comes with quality sacrifice. Doing your homework before committing to a procedure is always a win. Don’t be afraid to ask around and compare before you choose a hair transplant specialist!…


What You Should be Concerned about Before Getting a Skin Procedure

As we grow old, our skin condition degrades. It loses the elasticity it once had, wrinkles start to appear, and skin volume decreases significantly. The signs become apparent when a person has reached thirty years old and above.

But we can halt the aging process with healthy lifestyle and diet. Exercise increases oxygen intake of our body and thus allowing cells to regenerate faster. Diet works as the regeneration energy sources, and bad diet means a bad energy fuel.

Nevertheless, those two factors work from the inside. For the outside treatment, we need the help of medical technology. Here we are going to learn more profoundly about it.

Laser treatment

laserMedic has used the laser for many medical procedures, from treating sight to skin problems. And for skin treatment alone, there are many laser treatment varieties. Here, we discuss the most famous one, laser skin resurfacing

However, firstly you need to know what are the prerequisite conditions for you to undergo laser procedures:

  • You have no acne
  • Your skin has a light tone
  • You are on a medication
  • You have sensitive skin

Laser treatment is a minimum invasive medical procedure. And because of it is invasive, you will feel a little pain and burnt sensation on your skin after receiving the treatment.

Laser skin procedure shoots the beam to the outer layer of the facial skin, where the old, and wrinkle-causing skin cells reside. The beam eliminates those cells and allows new skin to regrow.

The effect can last more than three years, and even longer if you can live a healthy lifestyle. But the treatment will cost you around 3,000 – 5,000 USD. It is an expensive skin procedure, but it works fast.

Cosmetic electrotherapy

electrotheraphyThis beauty procedure uses low current electricity on our face. The electrical current is meant to stimulate facial muscles so that they can regenerate and maintain the firmness and of our face.

You can get an electrotherapy procedure from either a professional therapist or an electrotherapy tool. Of course, the result will be different, and nothing can defeat the experienced therapists. You can find this treatment in many beauty clinics, for example is  the one from http://freiaaesthetics.sg/best-facial-treatments-singapore. It is a site of a beauty clinic based in Singapore. And as you know, they have the most advanced technology and qualified medical workers.

If you decide to handle the treatment on your own, try purchasing Nuface or Ziip. Nuface requires a longer time and frequent procedures to show its desired effect. Some have reviewed that the product does not lift loose skin unless you have been using it for months. Ziip allows you to feel menus of skin electrotherapy. Each menu is different from the others, so you can feel like receiving multiple skin treatments in one session. Ziip’s effect is more obvious to observe and is faster.

Filler injections

injectionAn injection utilizes needle and is certainly not for those who are afraid of getting an injection. Filler works as it says, and when you receive this procedure, your facial muscles and skin will appear tighter and younger. The filler is made of hyaluronic acid.

With proper skin treatments, the effect can last up to 8 months or perhaps more. This procedure requires you to pay for around 600 USD per visit.…