Reasons for Choosing Dental Implants

dental implant procedure

A dental implant is a modern technique that ensures that oral health is not compromised because of tooth loss. It comprises a metal fixture post fixed into the dental crown and can be viewed as an artificial tooth root. People only see the crown since the implant is below the gum line. It is ordinarily durable because the metal post is inserted into the bone of a jaw. This eventually fuses to become a perfect base to a well-crafted crown that resembles the natural tooth.

Here are some of the reasons for going for dental implants:

Offer Close-to-Natural Solution

offer close to natural solutuinThey are designed to feel and look like the natural tooth and form a solid attachment to the jaw bone after several months. This happens since the implants are made from titanium, which has a unique ability to combine with a living bone. Because it is attached to the bone like other teeth, the implant feels completely natural when you talk and chew. It is also visually indistinguishable from the other natural teeth.

Safe for Your Natural Teeth

Implants do not have any effect on natural teeth. Other replacement systems can make the adjacent teeth weak. For example, in treatments like dental bridges, natural teeth on both sides of the gap are left without a tooth, which provides support. This stresses adjacent teeth, leaving them susceptible to decay, although they were healthy at the start. Also, partial denture depends on neighboring teeth for support, which strains them, hence loosening over time.

Prevent the Loss of Jawbone

Since the teeth are anchored to the jaw bone, when a tooth is lost, the jawbone where it used to be is typically left with no support. When this happens, the bone in the area starts to resorb and melt. This causes changes in the facial structure. Such bone loss due to a missing tooth makes the jawbone vulnerable to fractures, making a face look prematurely aged. When the implant fuse with the jawbone, it will continuously rebuild itself making it healthy.

Provide Long-Lasting Tooth Replacement

While many treatment options are available, dental implants are very reliable, permanent, and restore your smile to a better state. They are generally designed to last long since they are made for high-quality titanium, resistant to wear, and durable. However, removable bridgework and dentures can be replaced after some time. Properly maintained implants usually would not need replacement.